Gifted & Talented

More able students
At Whitecross we aim to meet the needs of every student whatever their starting point. This also includes providing for the needs of more able students. We believe that through effective curriculum structures plus a rich and diverse range of extra-curricular experiences, we are able to challenge and inspire. What follows is a flavour of what Whitecross offers.

Curriculum Provision
Students experience a robust and detailed process when selecting options to ensure the most appropriate courses are chosen. We are committed to enabling our more able students to achieve qualifications that will see them well placed to apply for top universities. We offer double GCSE courses in Classical Civilisations and Ethics as well as Triple Science.  Our Cross Curricular Dimensions Days (CCD Days) allow us to take students in Years Ten and Eleven to a range of higher and further education establishments across the country.

Extra-Curricular Provision
In addition to our CCD Days, each year we take our more able students in Year Ten to Oxford University for the day.   Our well established links with events such as the Hay Festival encourage participation in enriching and challenging experiences outside school.  Students can also enjoy taking part in our unique exchange with the Heritage School in Kolkata, India which is now in its ninth year.

How parents can help
Below are web links that may be of use. We are only too happy to talk to any parent with a more able child to discuss our provision and offer advice.

National Association For Gifted Children

Supporting Gifted And Talented Children