Key Stage Three

In Years 7 to 9 students follow a broad and balanced curriculum in order to provide them with a firm foundation of knowledge and skills for their future.  Emphasis is placed on the core curriculum of English, Maths and Science; where students are set on ability and taught in smaller than average groups.  All students have their literacy and numeracy assessed on entry and a programme put in place to personally support them to develop their abilities.  For example, every student in Key Stage 3 will routinely read a book which is chosen by them, but from a range which precisely matches their reading age.  Students with weaker numeracy and literacy have extra time set aside to support them to ensure no one is left behind.

Beyond the core curriculum, students are introduced to a range of subjects in the arts, crafts, humanities and languages in order to discover their passion and talent.  Students put their developing skills in drama, music, dance and art to work in our regular school productions, as well as numerous other showcase events.  They try all aspects of design and technology (food, textiles, graphic design and resistant materials) and develop their knowledge and understanding of geography, history, RE, ICT, Spanish and also French if they are particularly able at understanding modern foreign languages. 

As a Sports College some of our greatest provision is in sport; where dedicated professionals make use of state of the art facilities to provide breakfast, lunchtime and after school activities practically every day of the working week.  It is no surprise that we compete on a national stage in sports such as football, futsal and athletics.

Key Stage Four

About half of the time allocated at Key Stage 4 is for the core subjects of English Language, English Literature, Maths and Core and Additional Science.  Additionally students spent a small amount of time on the mandatory elements of Religious Education and PSHE.
Through our rigorous options process in Year 9, every student gets to choose (and most often will be offered) their four preferred options to supplement the core curriculum in Year 10 and 11.  We offer over 20 courses at levels appropriate so that each child can find a package which both they are interested in and which is accessible to them. 
Most option subjects are GCSEs and (as well as the more usual subjects) we run GCSE qualifications in Business, Computer Science, Drama and Photography.  Instead of GCSE courses, some students will choose to study BTEC qualifications (which are assessment predominantly through coursework) or choose extra time to develop their literacy or numeracy skills.  Our gifted and talented cohort can supplement GCSEs in a range of subjects by studying the three separate sciences or taking Computer Science as one of their options.    For those students more practically minded, we offer a range of checked and approved work placements to give students valuable experience and expertise in all areas of work from Motor Vehicle Maintenance to Hair and Beauty, supplemented by accredited qualifications back in school.

Whatever your child’s passion, we’ve got in covered.

Follow this link to see a model of our curriculum.