The Whitecross Academies

Our Academy system at Whitecross not only makes us unique, but it offers each child great levels of support at school and lends us a real ‘community’ feel on site. We have four Academies based in two learning blocks. Academies are led by a Learning Manager, who is responsible for all the curriculum delivery and student management within their Academy.

Mappa block is the home of:

Bromley (Languages and Humanities) led by Mr Braithwaite

Styre (English and Creative Arts) led by Mr Harriman

Mundi block is the home of:

Hagloe (Science and Compliant Materials) led by Mrs Steras

Moyle (Maths, ICT and Resistant Materials) led by Mr Erwin

We demonstrate our pride in being a Herefordshire school by naming our Academies after local apples.