Note: The first logon will be slow be patient, and allow it to fully load before closing.
(The length of time to log into the VDI depends on the speed of your internet at home, and the amount of files on your school desktop; a clean desktop will allow you to log in faster).
The second login will be more responsive.

Using Internet Explorer, (if you use Chrome or another web browser you may find that they do not work) go to you will be prompted to enter your username and password.

Enter WHITECROSS\Username
(You must have whitecross\ before your username otherwise you will not be able to log in)
You will then be redirected to this page
Click once on the ‘school desktop’ icon, this window will pop up

Press connectand re-enter your password

You will then be connected to the VDI (again, this will be slow first time)
On the desktop there is a folder labelled APPS, it contains software available for you to use including SIMS.
(Students will be able to see the Sims icon in the folder, but will not be able to open the application)
Only the user that is logged on remotely will be able to access SIMS. If you try to use another user account for SIMS you will receive an error.

If you are inactive on the system it will automatically log you off. If this happens please log back on to continue working.
When you wish to close the remote desktop, double click the ‘log-off’ button on the desktop.