Our Academy system at Whitecross not only makes us unique, but it offers each child great levels of support at school and lends us a real community feel on site. Students join one of our four Academies, named after Herefordshire apples, and these form the foundation of the school. Each academy acts as a family and students support each other in mixed age tutor groups. Our commitment to mixed age tutoring ensures a strong community ethos and is underpinned by our six values; courage, equality, love, perseverance, respect and trust.

Each Academy is led by a Learning Manager, who is responsible for all the curriculum delivery and student management within their Academy.

Mappa block

Bromley is home to Languages and Humanities and is led by Mr Braithwaite.

Styre is home to English and Creative Arts and is led by Mr Harriman.

Mundi block

Hagloe is home to Science and Compliant Materials and is led by Mrs Steras.

Moyle is home to Maths, ICT and Resistant Materials and is led by Mr Erwin.

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