We know from extensive research that getting the little things right creates an environment where learning is easier and students are more focused. A school with high expectations is more likely to be a place where students do well. By removing as many barriers as possible we believe we can focus on learning more easily. Our priority is to improve the learning of students so that they get the best possible grades when they leave.

Materials students must bring to school

In order to make progress in school every child should bring certain basic materials with them to school each day as a minimum. These are:- two black pens; a pencil; an eraser; a ruler; a school planner and a scientific calculator which can be purchase at a discounted price from the Maths department.

The Uniform

The Whitecross Hereford uniform can be purchased from the School Uniform Shop, 10A St Peter's Street, Hereford, HR1 2LE or online by clicking here.

  • Light blue polo shirt with the Whitecross logo in the Academy colour. At Key Stage 4, students may wear a plain white long sleeved shirt and Whitecross academy coloured tie. Prefects at Key Stage 4 are permitted to wear a red polo shirt with Whitecross logo or a Whitecross prefect tie along with their plain white shirt.
  • Black trousers that are not skin tight or a Whitecross skirt with school logo, worn appropriately and of reasonable length. Leggings or denim trousers are not acceptable. Trousers must not be tailored all the way to the ankle.
  • Black 'V' necked sweater or black cardigan with the Whitecross logo in Academy colour.
  • An apron in the Academy colour for Compliant Materials (also available to purchase from the school).
  • Girls should wear white socks or thick black tights. Boys should wear dark coloured socks.
  • Sensible, completely black shoes (no logos or differently-coloured trimmings) with low heels. Trainers are not acceptable. Please be advised that Health and Safety regulations may prevent your son or daughter from taking part in Design Technology if they are not wearing appropriate footwear.

Coats - Coats should be a plain colour and of an outdoor nature, suitable for keeping the wind and cold out on a walk to school. Sweatshirt-type material, sports tops and hooded tops are not allowed, even as an inner layer. If students are cold, we ask them to wear a proper coat over their school jumper. Denim jackets are not acceptable.

Make up - No make-up is allowed in Years 7, 8 or 9. Discreet make-up is allowed only in Years 10 and 11. False nails are not permitted. Nail varnish should not be visible.

Jewellery - The only jewellery allowed is one visible small stud earring or spacer per ear. Hooped ear rings or stretchers of any sort are not permitted. To keep students safe and minimize the risk of loss, no other jewellery is permitted. Whitecross does not allow any facial piercings. If a student has any such piercing then they will be asked to remove it, even if the hole grows over. Repeat offenders will have the item confiscated and returned directly to parents. One charity band may be worn. Smart watches contravene exam regulations and school rules and must not be worn.

Hair Colour - Hair must be of a natural colour or complement natural colours. Extremes of hair colour are not permitted.

Sanctions - Parents and guardians will be informed of any particular uniform or appearance infringement through the school planner or via email. Repeated infringements of uniform or appearance code will result in the student working separately for the day from the rest of the student body. The school reserves the right to send students home where uniform and appearance codes are flagrantly or repeatedly breached.

 Boys uniform with logo  Boys uniform without logo  Girls uniform with logo  Girls uniform without logo
 Short sleeved PE top  Football boots  Short sleeved PE top  Non marking soled training shoes
 Rugby shirt  Non marking soled training shoes  Quarter zip sweatshirt  Shin pads
 Shorts  Shin pads  Shorts  Gum shield
 Long socks  A towel (optional)  Skort (optional)  
 Tracksuit bottoms (optional)  Short white indoor socks  Long socks  
  Gum shield  Tracksuit bottoms (optional)  

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