Feedback from our trainees

I received truly exceptional support during my placement with Whitecross. I was made to feel extremely welcome within the department and school as a whole and given the opportunities and guidance to develop substantially as a teacher. The department I was in showed me a significant amount of trust, which in turn allowed me to practise and improve all facets of my teaching. I also benefitted from a comprehensive professional development programme which laid the academic foundations for this improvement. AP

When I trained at Whitecross during my first school placement the support and guidance that I received was fantastic. The department I trained in were exceptionally welcoming and included me in all of their meetings and CPD so I was able to gain an insight into all aspects of being a teacher. They helped me to build confidence as I went and I was able to observe some diverse and well executed lessons in my time there. The Professional Mentor in particular was very supportive and always happy to help with practical questions and emotional guidance when necessary too. The programme created for professional development was of a very high standard and most definitely aided me with my development as a trainee teacher. BD

Whitecross was my second placement during my PGCE year. I was nervous about starting as I had settled so well into my first placement, I didn't think it could compare. The support and coaching I received from day one was excellent, not just from my mentors but from other members of the department and staff across the school. I was made to feel welcome and part of the team from the very beginning. The professional studies programme was well organised and delivered by leaders across the school who are specialists in the relevant areas. The department I was in gave me all the information I needed and supported me whenever I wanted to try something new, therefore allowing me to practise and become confident in my teaching. NB