We offer all students the opportunity to have instrumental lessons with our first class group of peripatetic teachers. We currently have students learning the cello, clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet and voice.

Learning an instrument can benefit students in many ways. Not only will their musical technique and ability improve, so will their understanding of music theory. They will also have the opportunity to be prepared and entered for instrumental and music theory examinations which are recognised by all colleges, universities and sixth forms. The higher grade levels also carry UCAS points. Our instrumental teachers directly enter students for examinations and help them prepare for school based curriculum entries for BTEC and GCSE performances.

Whitecross is proud to offer instrumental lessons to every Year 7 student at no cost to parents. Each student receives an instrument and takes part in lessons throughout the academic year. There are opportunities to perform at a variety of events.

If a student wishes to learn an instrument that is not currently provided, our link with Encore Enterprises enables us to enlist new teachers who are part of an Accredited Teacher scheme. These teachers have had a formal interview, lesson observation and performed on their main instrument as part of a rigorous recruitment process in order to be added to the scheme. Each teacher is self-employed and will liaise with parents directly to arrange payment. The school selects suitable teachers for students, provides a quiet space for lessons and timetables lessons on a rotational basis in order to avoid students missing time out of the same lesson every week. More information regarding Encore Enterprises can be found by clicking here.

Lessons are taught on an individual, paired or small group basis from 20 minutes to an hour in length, with 30 minutes being the average. A recommended 32 lessons per year are provided. The cost is approximately £9 per 20 minutes, but may vary. The school will consider remission of fees and hire (refundable deposit required) for students eligible for free school meals and also for students who progress to Key Stage 4 and continue to study for GCSE/BTEC Music. Encore Enterprises also offer instrumental hire service (with the exception of piano, drums and guitar) via a direct debit scheme with a free repair service included for £6-£9 per calendar month.   

We are very passionate about music, extra curricular music and tuition and feel that the benefits of peripatetic lessons will support each student child within our department and within the school as a whole.   For further information, please contact Mrs Brittlebank by emailing: zbrittlebank@whitecross.hereford.sch.uk