Committee: Staff and Finance
Chair: N Wrigley
Membership: A Blackman, M Hales, S Lusted
Leadership: T Knapp
Policies & Responsibilities: Staffing Structure, Finance, Data Protection, Access Plan
  Appraisal (annual), Whistleblowing
  Pay Policy, Teacher Pay Progression
  Staff Capability and Disciplinary
  Charging and Remissions
  Staff Absence, Emergency & Disaster Recovery Plan
  Discretionary Leave
  Equality (4 years)
  Publication of Equality Objectives (annually)
  Allegations of abuse against staff
  Central record of recruitment and vetting checks
Evidence: Budget, Staffing structure including TLR allowances
  Staff absence, Staff turnover
  Disposal of assets, Value for Money, PFI Contract
  Performance management (appraisal, progression, absence, conduct, performance)
  Single central record