Welcome to BBC School Report 2019

Year 9 students are busy working on BBC School Reports today. We hope you enjoy reading their reports.

Anime Interests
Are Children Watching Too Much Television?
Bias Bypass?
Child Obesity
Computer Game Addiction
David Flaherty Ju-Jitsu God
Digital Device Danger
Do Video Games Make You Violent?
First Choice Secondary Schools Denied to Students
How Electronics Effect Teenagers
How too much irrelevent homework can mess with young students' mental health
Inspiring the Future
Is a Big Mac with Bacon a Big Mac?
Knife Crime
Litter at Whitecross
Mental Health
Mental Health Illness
Nigeria School Collapse
Rapid Growth for Haulier Owens Group
Spotted Leopard in India
The Great YouTube War
The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers
Tillington Court Farm Closure
Ultimate Challenges of Ulcerative Colitis
Want to be a DJ?
War Veteran's Lost Stories Told