Bullying can occur in all schools and places where people live and work, and is one of the things that many people are worried about when they start at a new school. It is important that students know what bullying is - and isn’t - so that they will know when someone is bullying them.

Bullying can appear to take many forms, for example: verbal namecalling, physical assault, sending nasty texts/e-mails or malicious gossip. These things are horrible on their own and will be dealt with, but unless they happen regularly and deliberately, (That is, the person doing it doesn’t stop when you ask them to) then they are not actually bullying. A bully is someone who sets out to make you feel bad on purpose, and who does it repeatedly. It is not mucking about, or falling out with your friend, or even just getting angry and saying something unkind.

We spend a great deal of time investigating bullying incidents, and have discovered that the following things make the investigation easier:

  • If someone is picking on you, make sure that someone else knows about it!
  • Keep a record of incidents so that you can show the bullying has been regular and deliberate.
  • Make sure that you do not call names or spread rumours yourself.

We will support students who are bullied and do our best to restore positive relationships between students.